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Intra Uterine Insemination

Intra Uterine Insemination

IUI is a simple procedure where we take the fast-moving sperm from the male partner and place it inside the cavity of the uterus, at the time the egg gets released.

So basically we bypass the mouth of the uterus(the cervix) and place the sperm a little closer to the egg! There onwards, the rest of the steps must happen naturally for a pregnancy to take place.

Treatment steps


Basal scan to rule out any cysts on day 2 or 3 of periods


Ovulation induction medicines are given to stimulate the growth of one or more follicles.


Follicular monitoring scan started on day 10 or 11 of cycle


HCG injection is given to help release the egg from the follicle once it becomes mature


After taking consent, the husband gives the sample for IUI which is then processed to separate the fast-moving sperms


This sample is then inseminated in the wife by a simple 5 min OP procedure.


The couple can leave the clinic after a short interval of 15-20 min of taking rest.


Beta Hcg blood test to check for pregnancy is done 15 days later


IUI may be offered to the couple if

a.the wife has at least one patent Fallopian tube

b.the husband has a sperm count of at least minimum of 5 million  motile sperms after processing

Though there is no strict limit to the actual number of IUI cycles which may be done, the usual practice is to offer 3 to 6 IUI cycles depending on the couple’s history and age. This is because the chances of success usually do not increase beyond this.

IUI is a process in which the semen sample is processed to separate the fastest moving sperms as well as filter out the unwanted debris in the semen.

The count or number of sperms is not increased in any manner. Hence, if the sperm count is very less or nil, IUI is not the best treatment option as the pregnancy rates in such cases will be very low.

Donor sperm IUI is an option offered to couples where the husband’s counts are very less or nil and they do not want to go for or cannot afford IVF. The process is basically the same except that we use sperm samples procured from accredited sperm banks, which we inseminate in the cavity of the uterus. Informed consent taken from both husband and wife is a MUST. We usually match either of the partner’s blood groups when asking for a sample but in case a request is made, certain physical characteristics like height, eye colour, hair colour, etc. can also be matched.

An IUI is a simple procedure and there is no need to take leave post-procedure. You can continue doing your regular work and follow your regular routine.

You can continue with your usual regular daily routine after doing an IUI. You can avoid any unusual strain which is not part of your regular routine like lifting very heavy weights for example.

Yes, you can continue with your regular exercise routine post-procedure. High impact activities like jumping, skipping, etc may be avoided if they are not being practised regularly by you.

Yes, you can continue with your regular sexual life after doing an IUI.

Single insemination 36 to 38 hours post HCG injection, is sufficient in most couples unless the husband’s counts are subnormal in which case, double insemination may provide extra benefit.

World over the success rates of an IUI cycle is in the range of 8 to 14% per month.

Success rates are better

  • when the age of the wife is lesser.
  • When gonadotropin injections are given to grow 2 to 3 eggs rather than one.
  • When the husband’s semen parameters are good.

There is no special diet needed after an IUI. You are advised to continue with regular healthy eating habits such as,

  • Avoiding sugar and junk food.
  • Including more fruits and vegetables.
  • Including more protein in the diet.

A few measures which may help are:

  • Avoid Hot water baths, wearing tight underwear at home, using laptop directly on lap, etc. which can increase the temperature of the scrotum.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Have a healthy diet.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol intake
  • Try to reduce mental stress
  • Maintain normal body weight