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Embryo Donation

This is a process where due to some problem in both the partners, in situations where neither the egg nor sperm of the couple can be used, there arises a necessity to use donor embryos.

According to the latest ART law, egg and sperm of a donor can be used only once in a lifetime.

Hence, if there is a necessity for donor embryos, we need to choose an egg donor, do an IVF cycle with her eggs, use donor sperm for fertilising the eggs and use the formed embryos in the commissioning couple.


As per the latest law, a couple cannot choose to donate their excess embryos to another couple

A donor embryo IVF cycle will cost nearly the same as a donor egg cycle as it remains the same procedure of recruiting a donor, stimulating and retrieving eggs from her.

  • Essentiality certificate issued by the Appropriate Authority (District medical board) after confirming the presence of a medical condition which necessitates opting for surrogacy
  • Order of Parentage and custody issued by the JFMC
  • Insurance cover for a period of 36 months to cover postpartum complications.
  • Eligibility certificate for the intending couple.
  • Eligibility certificate for the surrogate mother.