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Oocyte Donation

Oocyte Donation

This is the process in which a willing oocyte donor agrees to undergo ovarian stimulation and collection of her eggs by the process of IVF, and donates those eggs for use in a couple trying to have a baby. This may be necessary where the wife has no eggs or very poor ovarian reserve in conditions such as;

  • Primary ovarian insufficiency.
  • Repeat surgeries in endometriosis.
  • Removal of ovaries for some pathology.
  • Chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer which may have destroyed the oocytes.
  • Post menopausal women


Under the latest ART act 2021, oocyte donors should be between the age of 23-35 years and can be supplied only by registered ART banks. They should donate eggs only once in their lifetime. Only a maximum of 7 eggs can be collected

The relevant details such as height, weight, colour of skin and eyes, educational qualification, profession and family history of any inheritable diseases should be recorded in an appropriate proforma.
They should be free of diseases like hypertension, diabetes as well as identifying common genetic diseases like thalassemia.
They should be free of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, HbSAg, Syphilis, as well as Hepatitis C. Hence, tests for these are done.
Blood grouping and typing is documented.
Tests for ovarian reserve as well as ultrasound to image the uterus and ovaries may be performed.