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Fertility Health Check for Him

In today’s increasingly busy lifestyle, health is often the first thing to suffer as it is kept as the last priority on most people’s lists.

Long work hours, unhealthy eating choices, improper sleep, lack of exercise, habits like smoking and drinking, etc. may have a role to play in having reduced sperm counts from what they used to be in the past.

Hence, if you want to evaluate your reproductive and sexual health before planning to get married or starting a family, you can opt for this.

What tests are done?

Blood Test

Basic blood work including CBC, sugars, lipids, serology, renal function etc.

Hormonal evaluation

Hormonal evaluation like thyroid function, testosterone levels if warranted.

Semen analysis

This is just to have a baseline report though counts may vary widely from one test to the other and it should be stressed that low sperm counts are in no way an indication of an inability to father a child. With the reports, you will meet our Andrologist, for a physical exam as well as consultation to clarify your doubts and concerns.