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Fertility Health check for Her

Did you know that women are born with all the number of eggs they will ever have for life! And added to this, this number varies widely from woman to woman. You can choose to assess your status and gain knowledge about the option of egg freezing.

Though age is the major factor in reducing the number of eggs as well as their quality, we are also increasingly seeing women at younger ages, having low ovarian reserves.

What tests are done?

Blood Test

Basic blood work including CBC, sugars, lipids, serology, renal function etc.

Hormonal evaluation

Hormonal evaluation like thyroid function, testosterone levels if warranted.

Ovarian reserve

Checking the ovarian reserve in the lady with FSH, LH and AMH levels.


Ultrasound pelvis by transvaginal route.

Other tests

Other tests like Prolactin, testosterone etc. depending on the clinical scenario may be suggested.