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Endometrial Receptivity Assay Test

What is ERA?

This a genetic test performed to assess the readiness of the endometrial lining to accept the fertilised embryo 

It tests about 236 genes identified to be important for the process of implantation to occur 

Procedure :

It is performed by first preparing the endometrial lining exactly as we would for an actual frozen embryo transfer   

Once the lining of a satisfactory thickness is achieved,progesterone injections are started for five to six days and one day after the course of progesterone is over,biopsy of the lining is taken in the OPD and sent for analysis.


The report is usually given as receptive or non receptive 

If non receptive,it may be;

Pre-receptive- meaning the timing is too early and the transfer needs to be delayed

Post-receptive-meaning the timing is too late and the transfer timing needs to be advanced 

This is not routinely performed or advised in all patients but mostly in those with repeated implantation failures to check their window of implantation and perform a personalised embryo transfer at a suitable time .