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It is a type of medication which affects gonadotropins and sex hormones.


  • Used to supress spontaneous ovulation in IVF cycles
  • Trigger ovulation in antagonist cycles
  • Medical management of endometriosis
  • Medical management of fibroids

Available forms:

  • short acting injections-Given once per day – buserelin, leuprorelin
  • long acting depot injection – Given once every 3 months leuprolide acetate
  • Nasal spray – given two to three times per day.

They are a class of medication that blocks the GnRH receptor and thus the action of gonadotropin releasing hormone.


  • For prevention of premature LH surge and endogenous ovulation in patients undergoing IVF
  • Prevention of OHSS

Available forms:

  • Cetrorelix
  • Ganirelix