Health Assessments

In today's world, men and women are juggling multiple roles as well as aiming to strike an ideal work-family balance.
Postponing marriage as well as starting a family only after settling and earning well is no more the exception but the norm.
BUT, before making a decision, we strongly advise you to get your fertility health check done to know your particular position, so that you can make an informed choice.

Fertility Health Check for Her


Did you know that women are born with all the number of eggs they will ever have for life! And added to this, this number varies widely from woman to woman. You can choose to assist your status and gain knowledge about the option of egg freezing.
Though age is the major factor in reducing the number of eggs as well as their quality, we are also increasingly seeing women at younger ages, having low ovarian reserves.

What to expect?

With our fertility health check, we sit and take a comprehensive history about your menstrual cycle, sexual life, current lifestyle, co morbids followed by a detailed physical examination.

Tests done are:

  • Basic blood work including CBC, sugars, lipids, serology, renal function etc.
  • Hormonal evaluation like checking thyroid function as well as prolactin levels if warranted.
  • Evaluating your ovarian reserve with AMH, basal FSH and LH.
  • Ultrasound pelvis to view the uterus and ovaries-this allows us to rule out pathology like fibroids, ovarian cysts like chocolate cysts and make a note of your AFC or antral follicle count which is the number of precursor eggs present at that period of time in the ovary.

Fertility Health Check for Him

In today's increasingly busy lifestyle, health is often the first thing to suffer as it is kept as the last priority on most people's lists.
Long work hours, unhealthy eating choices, improper sleep, lack of exercise, habits like smoking and drinking, etc. may have a role to play in having reduced sperm counts from what they used to be in the past.
Hence, if you want to evaluate your reproductive health before planning to get married or starting a family, you can opt for this.


What to expect?

We sit for a one-on-one chat about your current lifestyle covering all aspects like nutrition, work routine, sleep, etc.

Tests done are:

  • Basic blood work including CBC, sugars, lipids, serology, renal function etc.
  • Hormonal evaluation like thyroid function, testosterone levels if warranted.
  • Semen analysis-this is just to have a baseline report though counts may vary widely from one test to the other and it should be stressed that low sperm counts are in no way an indication of an inability to father a child.
    With the reports, you will meet our Andrologist, for a physical exam as well as consultation to clarify your doubts and concerns.

Fertility Health Check for the Couple


If you have been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for at least a year or for six months if you are over 35 years, then you can opt for our couple's fertility health check.

What to expect?

We expect both the partners to attend together as far as possible.
We first sit and have a comprehensive questionnaire filled out about various aspects of your health and lifestyle.
This is followed by a physical examination of both the partners.

Tests done are:

  • basic blood work for both like CBC, sugars, lipids, renal function, serology etc.
  • Hormonal evaluation like thyroid function for both partners.
  • Checking the ovarian reserve in the lady with FSH, LH and AMH levels.
  • Ultrasound pelvis by transvaginal route.
  • Semen analysis for the husband.
  • Tubal patency test by means of an HSG.
  • Other tests like Prolactin, testosterone etc. depending on the clinical scenario may be suggested.

Andrologist Consultation

Most men are not comfortable to discuss issues regarding their reproductive or sexual health in the presence of a lady gynaecologist.
Hence, all the men in couple's fertility checks, as well as male fertility checks will undergo examination by our senior Andrologist who is well trained in Andrology and can address all your concerns privately.
You can also choose to meet the doctor for a one on one consultation without undergoing the fertility assessments.

Preconceptional Counselling

This is advised for couples who are planning to start a family and want to get themselves checked before that.
This also provides us with an opportunity to clarify their doubts about the fertile period as well as to advise them on what measures they can follow to have a healthier pregnancy and baby.
Basic tests and ultrasound are optional and will be advised only depending on the couple's history and scenario.
Tests if done will be charged extra

Gynaecological Consultation

We deal with common and uncommon health problems affecting women across different ages starting from puberty to menopause, including but not limited to…

  • Early-onset of puberty.
  • Delayed puberty.
  • Problems with periods like excessive bleeding, irregular periods, pain during periods, etc.
  • PCOS
  • Vaginal infections
  • Pain during sex.
  • Contraceptive advice
  • Postmenopausal onset of bleeding.

Annual Well Women Check

All over the world, it is accepted practice to visit a gynaecologist once a year for an internal as well as breast examination as this allows detection of problems at earlier stages where treatment is much more successful.
But this practice is sadly lacking in India and it is upto us to change this and take charge of our health.
Let's get over the fear of an internal and focus on the many benefits it may offer.

What to expect?

We take a detailed history about your menstrual cycle, reproductive life, co morbids and lifestyle followed by a physical examination including an internal and breast exam.
Advice on screening guidelines for different cancers like cervical cancer and breast cancer are given.
Any problems related to your health are also addressed at the same time.
Depending on any problems identified, we can arrange for other specialty consultations as required.

Breast Clinic

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women worldwide and detection at early stages is a game-changer in the treatment and cure of the disease.

  • Outpatient breast consultation
    • Screening/ diagnostic mammograms
    • Breast ultrasound examination
  • Diagnostic ultrasound guided core needle biopsy
  • Diagnostic/ therapeutic needle aspiration of cysts/abscess
  • Abscess drainage
  • Management of benign breast conditions such as mastitis, infections, galactocele
  • Management of nipple discharge
  • Management of benign breast lumps such as fibroadenomas
  • Management of breast cancer- core biopsy of breast lump
    • FNAC/ core biopsy of axillary lymph node
    • Sentinel lymph node biopsy
    • Breast conservative surgery
    • Mastectomy / axillary dissection
    • Breast oncoplastic procedures
  • Follow- up services

Virtual Consultation & Second Opinion

For those who are unable to visit in person or live in a different place, we offer virtual online consultation options.
This is definitely not your typical five-minute consult.
It takes place in two steps:
First, our junior doctor will get in touch with you to fill up our usual history questionnaire over a video call and ask you to send your relevant test results which you may have done elsewhere over WhatsApp or email.
After reviewing this, you will again be connecting with our senior gynaecologists in the second step who will be able to advise you and clear your concerns patiently.